Sonntag, 24. Dezember 2017

poem for the time passing

I never said goodbye to the moment, when everything was still in front of me.

Not a matter of words.

When everything still seemed probable.
The turn of direction went unnoticed –
at first.

Maybe water, plenty of it.
drink water, also sink into it – a lot,
go to the bottom
the Ocean
a Lake

I never said goodbye.

Then of course silence.
More than not.
Be a monk for a change.

The moment,
when I thought, everything would be different.

Never underestimate the power of trees.

I never said goodbye to the moment,
when I thought,
& when one word nourished another,
& when I became a warrior.  Unnoticed.
At first. Until I saw myself. 

(c) Susanne Becker

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